Garden Project

In 2018, three members met for tea, discussed their hopes for their Miami community, and inevitably developed a seedling plan to transform an under-utilized neighborhood lot into an edible garden and gathering space. After receiving community buy-in and initial support from The Miami Foundation, we began the community garden project in Brownsville!

The Brownsville Community Garden is a volunteer-based nonprofit initiative dedicated to providing fresh + healthy foods, gardening knowledge, and environmental education. The garden is located in Miami's Glenwood Park.

Why Glenwood Park?

Brownsville residents do not currently have access to well-maintained, visually-pleasing public spaces; fresh fruits and vegetables; and cohesive activism. Neighborhood lots are often subject to constant vandalism, trash dumping, and neglect due to lack of resources. Glenwood Park is located in the heart of Brownsville, where 250 families live within walking distance and who can directly benefit from the garden.


Our Goals

  • To provide opportunities for community members to learn & implement ways of growing their own food, composting, and organic gardening;

  • To teach participating youth social-emotional skills such as patience, tenderness, and respect for all life;

  • To provide low-cost ways to produce healthy and natural food for low-income households;

  • To introduce a visually pleasing public venue to the neighborhood; and

  • To provide local youth with the opportunity to learn, and to be positive change-agents in their community.

Dig In!

We are eager to work with volunteers to fulfill the garden's mission of making healthy foods available to residents of Brownsville's food desert. Because every hand counts: Visit us at our next gardening event!

Donate to the Garden!

Make a tax-deductible donation to The East-West Foundation for the Brownsville Community Garden by purchasing a Gold Star Membership today!

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