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South Florida is a dynamic hub of diverse activities. ​In addition to attending and supporting South Florida's wide array of existing activities, the members of the South Florida Muslim Young Professionals have developed a few programs of our own. See below for more information on each of these unique programs!

"We explore together, learn from each other, break bread together, laugh together, and pray together. What more could you want in a group of friends?" 



Iftar on the Beach

Our 4th Annual "Iftar on the Beach" public iftar/dinner occurred on Saturday, May 11, 2019 on the beautiful, sandy coast of Deerfield Beach. It will occur again in Ramadan 2020, Insha'Allah. All are welcome to break fast with us, meet new friends, and celebrate the beauties of Ramadan with us!

Ramadan Weekends

Beginning in 2017 and during each Ramadan Saturday, the members of @SoFloMoPros meet at an Islamic Center to break our fasts and pray together. Iftar and prayers are followed by Tea and Chill at a nearby restaurant, an early morning breakfast at a 24-hour diner, and a return to the mosque for our morning prayers. In addition to celebrating the beauties of Ramadan together, our Ramadan Weekends also allow each of us to explore different Islamic Centers and communities throughout South Florida together.

Eid Brunch

On every Eid al-Fitr since 2017, @SoFloMoPros meet for brunch to celebrate! We conveniently choose a central location, so members from Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach counties can meet, fill our bellies, and exchange gifts. Keep a lookout on our Events page for more details on our next Eid Brunch!

Community Connect

Established in February 2018, Community Connect is a monthly gathering held at private residences throughout South Florida. These gatherings celebrate and connect South Florida Muslim Young Professionals who actively and consistently devote their time, energy, and resources to developing and strengthening @SoFloMoPros and our community-at-large.

Annual Friends-Giving

Beginning in November 2017, @SoFloMoPros initiated a Friends-Giving Potluck Dinner, bringing together our members who remain in South Florida during Thanksgiving weekend. On a selected night, we come together to celebrate the new and old friendships that are facilitated by our community and share an array of homemade dishes, sip tea, laugh, and pray together. Our third Annual Friends-Giving will occur in November 2019, and we would love for you to join us!

Q&A with Imam Izhar

In January 2019, six members of @SoFloMoPros began piloting a web-based "Faith & Fiqh" Q&A with Imam Izhar. After a compelling trial run, we were excited to formally introduce the online Q&A program to all members during Ramadan 2019 at Masjid Jamaat Al Mumineen! The web-based Q&A program is now open for all members who attend Imam Izhar's events and programs. Want to be added to the online Q&A group?  You can request to be added at Imam Izhar's next event!

Want to know more?

South Florida Muslim Young Professionals is an engaging local space for Muslim young professionals and graduate students to network, exchange ideas, share resources, and build community.

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